Property Management in Niagara is Unique And So Are We
Most of our property management clients are looking for help with:

✓ Marketing rental properties and screening tenants.

✓ Collecting rent and tenant disputes.

✓ Rental property maintenance and repairs.

✓ Property inspections and lease enforcement.

✓ Evictions and regulatory compliance specific to Ontario.

It is our mission to offer the same outstanding services to all of our clients, but we understand that your needs might be a little different. That’s why every management plan is personalized and specific to your property and your goals.

How Much Is My Rental In Niagara Worth?

Most rental property owners want to know what their homes will rent for.

We can help.

Our experience with property management in Niagara and the surrounding areas makes us the experts.

With our local market knowledge, we can provide an estimate so you know how much rental income you can expect.

Brick Properties Inc. is a reliable way to get a free rental analysis. We’ll help you understand the value of your property.

Click on ‘I WANT A FREE ANALYSIS’ and send us a quick e-mail and we’ll get in touch with you.